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We empower people to reach their potential

We will employ around 500 people and contractors, with well established businesses in the UK. We have four core capabilities: Support services, Integrated solutions, Construction services and Public Private Partnerships.

Through our work placement offerings in a wide range of disciplines we enhance your employability and give you the opportunity to earn while you learn. We offer graduates an individual tailored programme as a platform to become the industry’s next star.

With Total Regeneration,  you will be working on high-profile exciting projects and working with industry experts in your field. Both our placements and graduate schemes look for grate people across a broad range of disciplines including business, engineering, surveying, IT, design, HR, and QESH.

Thanks to our ever expanding size, and the diversity of our entire operations, Total Regeneration can offer you a wide range of opportunities to use your talents, to develop your skills, to learn, to grow and to experience new places.

Wherever your interests lie – from design to finance, creating buildings to maintaining them or even demolishing buildings – there will be a role for you.

We’re immensely proud not only to create iconic buildings, but to provide vital services that make everyday life possible for millions of people – services like managing schools, libraries and hospitals.

Wherever you join us, you can rest assured we’re always investing in developing talented people to create a vibrant, diverse and flexible workforce.

We will shortly be currently accepting applications to join us. All recruitment will be published on our main website Total Group. Please click the button below to visit our careers website 


Total Regeneration Careers

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