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Rewards & Benefits overview

Total Regeneration offers plenty of opportunities. With around 1,000 employees, ours is a business whose work touches almost every area of life.

What does this mean for you? Simply, that there’s plenty of scope here for you to learn, grow and try new things. The size and scale of Total Regeneration means you can pursue your own unique path.

Your work will always be worthwhile too.

Whether we’re constructing a landmark building, financing a new motorway or keeping a hospital clean, our business is all about improving lives. Our standards are high as well – as shown by our awards in everything from customer service and health and safety to civil engineering and sustainability.

Just as we benefit society, we’re good to our own people too. Here are just some of the ways you can expect to be supported.

A career with the Total Regeneration Group is rewarding in more ways than one. As well as the chance to do meaningful work, you can typically expect to enjoy:

  • Competitive salary
  • Generous holiday entitlement
  • Pension scheme
  • Private health insurance
  • Total Regen ‘Thank you’ scheme, which offers flexible, tax efficient benefits such as childcare vouchers, cycle to work scheme and discounts on High Street brands.

We will shortly be currently accepting applications to join us. All recruitment will be published on our Facebook page. Please follow our Facebook page for updates.

Exceeding your expectations

Parents network, Flexible working

We’ve established both a Working Mums’ Network and a Working Dads’ Network to provide support and advice for working mums and dads by creating opportunities to share experiences and connect with other working parents.

We want to ensure both mums and dads feel engaged before, during and after maternity, paternity or adoption leave and ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and guidance needed to succeed in their careers.

Flexible working doesn’t just enable our employees to balance their work and personal lives. It enhances our productivity.

That’s why we encourage it wherever it’s possible and feasible. Many of our office-based workers, for instance, have adopted agile working methods – whether it’s working at home one day a week or sharing their job with a colleague.

We’re equally flexible and understanding when it comes to maternity too. Likewise, we also have provisions for partners to take additional leave too.


Career development

Providing better prospects for our people is at the heart of our strategy to enable everyone to fulfil their potential. By up-skilling our employees and having clear career paths we empower our people to take ownership of their development.

We are constantly refreshing learning and development offerings to all our employees including, amongst others, a wide range of structured learning programmes that take account of all learning styles and methods. As part of our sustainability agenda, we’ll actively encourage you to give something back to your community. Our employees can apply for volunteering days.

These will enable you to build networks with other parts of the business as well as make a real difference to your local community.

Supporting our armed forces

Total Regeneration is committed to supporting our armed forces. That’s why we’ve partnered with the MOD to actively encourage employees who wish to become Reservists. For you, it’s an opportunity to truly transform your spare time. Reservists come from all backgrounds, regions and jobs; they are ordinary men and women who give up their time to train and serve alongside the Regular Forces.

They are called out to supplement the Regular Forces whenever operational demands require it. If they are mobilised, they will carry out the same roles to the same high standards as their Regular counterparts. They also receive the same world-class training and develop the same skills, including leadership, teamwork and project management skills.


The Total Regeneration Training Academy is one of the UK’s largest and most experienced private provider of construction training. For over 20 years we have been helping young people turn their talent into a trade.


Whether we’re constructing a landmark building, financing a new motorway or keeping a hospital clean, our business is all about improving lives. Our standards are high as well – as shown by our awards in everything 


We employ around 500 people and contractors, with well established businesses in the UK. We have four core capabilities: Support services, Integrated solutions, Construction services and Public Private Partnerships.


At Total Regeneration our roots are in construction, although over the next 5 years we provide all the services needed to create and manage which play a vital part in national economies and local. We deliver important services 


Total Regeneration apprenticeships give solid foundations for a rewarding career in construction. You get paid while you learn, ‘hands on’ work experience, opportunities to gain industry-recognised qualifications


Get the experience you need so that you don’t have to go to university for the job you want. We all know about the soar in tuition fees. Now, more than ever is probably the best time for you to get involved in an internship. 


If you’re interested in joining the Total Regeneration, search our latest vacancies for a role that suits your skills. As a rapidly growing company, new roles are being advertised on our social media channels, so if you 


We expect our employees to achieve the highest standards of professionalism in all they do and we undertake to treat them fairly and with the courtesy and respect they deserve. The policy of the Group is that all  

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